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Moving to the Right Size for You

Ready to leave all that space (that is, extra cleaning!) and get the house that maximizes your enjoyment of your current time of life? We make that a smooth and profitable reality for people like you every day.

Trust – Clarity – Profit

Trust – We take advancing our clients’ best interest seriously. Our #1 purpose – to represent you in a professional manner that positions you better than anyone else could.

Clarity – We explain at your pace and make sure you have a handle on as much detail as you want to know.

Profit – The most money possible wired to your account at the end of the sale – that’s the Atlanta Suburbs guarantee.

When you’ve enjoyed a house for as long as you have, but it’s time for a new phase in life, let us ease the transition. We know the challenges:

  • Logistical – Packing and moving take a different toll on the body than they did twenty-five years ago.
  • Emotional – A lifetime of memories deserves treatment of the utmost respect.
  • Financial – Making your Nest Egg as large as possible is our focus for the expenses in your next grand adventure.