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First Time Home Buyer

First Time Home Buyer

We’ll walk you step by step, from your initial questions until we put the keys in your hands. We love helping first time home buyers because it’s a big positive step forward in your life. A double financial benefit and a feeling of peace at your own place.

1  Prepare

Many people think step one is going to look at a house. We may see a house at the outset, but the real first step is to prepare mentally and financially to buy a home. Mostly this is about money, stability, your commitment to pay the mortgage.

2 Plan

Here’s where we talk about the house. Let’s get you your dream house. Let’s get you your dream house you can afford. We need to know everything that matters to you.

3 Look

It’s fun to go look at houses. Imagine the possibilities, look at a clean blank slate. You walk in and it feels like home, or it was fine to visit for five minutes but the hunt continues.

4 Offer

When you find “the one”, we’ll talk you through the time to think it over versus the competitiveness of the market. Your first offer is often a momentous occasion, a big decision and a swing into uncertainty. We want to get you the best deal possible, but we want to get you the house instead of seeing the house go to a different buyer.

5 Inspect

There’s time now to inspect the house, appraise the house, ensure the seller can convey title on the house, and turn in all your paperwork to the bank. They’re going to give you a quarter million dollars (or something more or less than that), so they actually want quite a lot of information from you. Paperwork and inspections as we march to the finish line.

6 Close

Bring your ID and your cash to close. Preferably you wired that amount yesterday, the amount your lender told you on the final closing disclosure. The attorney will breeze through thirty documents for you to sign. If you have any questions, ask, the attorney is there to make sure all parties are treated fairly, including that you fully understand everything you need to about assuming a mortgage. Get your keys, go home and have a party, recommend me to your friends.