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Guaranteed Offer

You’ve seen the ads – let us cut through the hype. Yes we will really bring you multiple cash offers at competitive market prices for a smooth and convenient sale of your home.

Fill out the form  ↓  let’s meet when you’re ready.

There are more investors than ever, from the big big to the regional to the individual. You need to balance certainty, convenience, and the maximum profit that you walk away with from the sale of your home. We empower you with options to reach the best outcome. Let us walk you from today to a wire transfer into your bank account from among a choice of terms and timelines.

  • No showings
  • No open houses
  • No financing contingency – these are cash offers, confirmed money ready to go.
  • More control
  • More convenience, including flexible moving dates
  • More certainty

Who Are these Buyers?

We have collected a large list of investor buyers, and work tirelessly to build expertise on all investor types in order to give the most options to our clients. There are three categories and three types of investors ready to buy your house immediately. The first category wants to buy the house and rent it out. The second category wants to buy and re-sell at a razor thin margin, and do so at a large enough volume to make a decent profit. The third category wants to buy, improve it, and sell the house for a bigger profit.

Each of those three categories has three types, namely Local, Regional, and National. A local investor could be a person or small group that focuses on one area, even one county. Regional investors focus on all the South or just Georgia. The national investors focus on metropolitan areas like Atlanta and each have their own criteria for price, size, and condition. Whether local, regional, or national, and whether buy-to-rent, volume-resell-thin-margin, or fix-and-flip, we as your agent present you options and explain the pros and cons of each so you can make an educated and profitable decision.

What’s Next?

Fill out the form. We’ll talk on the phone and schedule a home visit. Then we’ll present your home to our investor network and bring you offers. You decide: Accept one of those for an easy sale, or list it on the market with a bit more legwork to make more profit.