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Move to the Atlanta Suburbs

Welcome! We’ll roll out the red carpet and make this an easy transition. The Atlanta suburbs have been growing for years – we’re experts at helping buyers find their new place.New job?  Grandkids are here?  Looking for more house for your money?We help people in a situation like yours every day – let us welcome you to the Atlanta suburbs.


You might feel like you’re flying blind entering a new city – instead we’ll be your guide. Tell us your priorities, then we’ll give you options. Traffic, shopping, schools, we talk about that a lot. Pollen, mosquitoes, sloped driveways, tax rates – we’ve been asked every question imaginable about that one might wonder when they’re calling from afar. Any question you have about the area, just ask and we’ll get you the answer.

Operating Remotely

Viewing a house while you’re in another state has its challenges. We overcome those challenges for you.Yes we have helped people buy a house that they saw for the first time on the day of closing. Video is not as good as being in-person, but a live video by your Atlanta Suburbs agent will give you the full picture and confidence to move forward when circumstances demand this approach.

The Financial Side

Determining your approval amount and buying power:

  • Buying with cash – you get to do what you want.
  • Buying with a mortgage based on your assets – your approval works anywhere.
  • Buying with a mortgage based on your income – the bank will want to know that income applies even when you live in your new state. That works well when you work remotely, or it’s a formal job offer on paper. The times people run into a problem is when it’s commission income or when they’re trying to get a loan based on a job they’re just about to quit.

Fill out the form below. Let’s meet in person or over video. Tell us your needs and we’ll help you fulfill them.